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A Brief Message

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

I heard a brief message from Christal Howell on the gifting vs the anointing.

It is so right on!

What causes a reaction of heart felt praise, worship, and repentance? What causes hearts to truly change? The answer is the anointing. There are so many gifted singers, worship leaders, pastors, and speakers. They can move the audience to a standing ovation and become popular with millions. There’s nothing wrong with that, but how does God penetrate the hearts of those He is chasing down? He reaches them through those who are anointed by the Holy Spirit. There is a difference between gifting and anointing. Both stir people, but one pierces the heart.

Isaiah 10:27 tells us that “The anointing breaks the yoke.” We are burdened

down as a people as sin and deception encircle us at every move. We are pressed in on every side. How then do we survive? Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” ( Jn 8:32)

David Wilkerson once said, “ God isn’t looking for more Christian cheerleaders. He is looking for broken men and women who are anointed with the Holy Spirit. “We don’t need followers and fans. That isn’t what Jesus represented. He was despised, rejected, and crucified. He is looking for those who will walk though the fire of opposition and rejection. He is looking for those who will be crushed through the wine press of purification. He is looking for those who will pierce the darkness regardless of cost and so called success.

The Christian world indeed has it’s superstars. David Wilkerson sternly warned me about this as well. As Christal Howell reminds us, “We don’t need to paraded around.” Those fans come and go. My friends, we need to be purged to be a piercing light. We need the anointing to break the yoke that binds us to apathy and sin. Without it we perish.


Penny lea

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